who the hell is this girl anyway

hey, it’s been a while.

who is this person who’s blog is showing up in my inbox?
to summarize: happy little somethings -> café katy -> katy avery.
if you subscribed four years ago, you’re probably still subscribed. I apologize.
but I mean hey, if you subscribed I probably miss you.

so yeah, it’s good to be back, stick around if you want to~
(please don’t leave me.)

check out my new about page for some cute pictures of my new cat friend and life details.

in the meantime: picture dump. get ready.


my relationship to music has evolved so much over the past few years, lately I’ve been into a more noisy lo-fi solo act I’ve been working on, push ur lil clicked button to follow a link where you can hear it- let me know your thoughts, good and bad. I won’t cry.

I’ll try not to cry.

I won’t cry.




in other music related tours, I now play the part of the token violinist in a folk punk band by the name of dead sally. you’ve probably heard of us.
(you’ve never heard of us.)

anyway, we toured a bit of texas last month for a few house shows and venue gigs. ask me about that and I will tell you, but I don’t have the energy to write in length about it.
if you’re in austin and interested in seeing dead sally anytime soon, check out our facebook where we post links to all our events. I’d love to meet you, just saying.

^photo by wyatt, thank u wyatt^


I posted this picture in my updated about page but I’m posting it again incase you don’t care enough to read my about page (in which case I hold nothing against you). all I want is for everyone to meet and admire my cat because she is amazing and I love her. her name is sevcik, I call her sev.


I paint a lot of fliers these days, sometimes I complain but secretly it gives me motivation to keep drawing which is something I’m not very good at but I’ll keep at it anyway.

my life motto drawn into a grotesque reality^

one of the worst and best decisions i’ve made in the last month was the moment in which i purchased a tattoo gun and immediately began experimenting on myself.

I regret nothing,

but I don’t want to talk about it.
shortly after a deeming my last act of juvenile delinquency to be a shitty tattoo on my leg, I totalled my car. good one, life.
it left a few painful bruises but now I’m the girl who survived a smart car wreck, and that’s pretty neat.
what is not neat is the financial hole it left in my empty bank account and the debt I’ve acquired in an attempt to resolve the situation- but the reality is that I am now without a car that I have to keep making payments on.
R.I.P. Darby. your soul lives on in the form of monthly bills. but I will always love you.
pros of totalling your car:
1. a new reliance on biking, walking, and running. and thus, a body and mind that I already feel way more comfortable in than I have in a while.
2. the free time you would have otherwise spent out with friends you sometimes get to spend dressing up as pictured. disclaimer: I do not look like this 99.9% of the time.
1. your boyfriend feels obligated to drive you everywhere you need to get to that you can’t bike to (which is really much appreciated… because I couldn’t do this without him)
2. you don’t have a car.
but anyway.
this is some of what i’ve been up to in the past year.
please tell me about yours.
love u.

the mundane

can be summed up in a million pictures of things I’m aware are entirely irrelevant to your lives but important for me to document nonetheless


good old fashioned band jams

IMG_8144 IMG_8148

morning workout consists of biscuits


basking in springtime



“this is what we look like, i know u were wondering”

tumblr_nld1a3E6wc1ttdr0wo1_1280 tumblr_nld1a3E6wc1ttdr0wo2_1280

crystal collecting

 IMG_8010   IMG_8009

mini roadtripping


artistically aligning “work”

IMG_8229 IMG_8241

shiny new vehicle in need of a name (I’m thinking darcy? feels like a darcy)


days in which I rarely have a free hand but when I do I use it to take selfies because why not


austin skylines from the view on castle hill

how have you been?


return of the blogger

formerly- happy little somethings

dear friends. I must confess that I spent way too long trying to think of some eye-catching quirky way of making my way back into the universe of blogging that I used to be so immersed in. two cups of coffee and a brief stalking of my former blogging self leaves me with nothing more than disbelief at how much has happened and how quickly time has flown by.

my last post to this blog, then called happy little somethings (remember me?), was about a year and a half ago.

today, I am a relatively dysfunctional infant-like adult now living in Austin, Texas with two housemates, a cat, and a few musical instruments in need of constant love and affection.

a few matter-of-fact updates:

I cut off all of my hair and dyed it red and then purple and then bleached and then tried red again and now its blondish which is weird.


I now work as a barista at starbucks, fueling my caffeine addiction one shot of espresso at a time.


music is as prevalent in my life as it ever was, and I spend the majority of my time outside of work either holed up in my room practicing or out playing with fellow musicians.

adulting is difficult. cleanliness and naps are underrated.


art will forever be an escape and form of denial of the fact that I can’t nap all day.

10557369_642958565781787_3306917904541348286_n tumblr_ncxd5mk9fz1ttdr0wo1_1280

this year has been one of the most difficult years of my life, not gonna lie. but I am alive and I am working hard at chipping away at steps towards my goals in life


so anyway.

I’m back.

fear me.


so, I performed on the stage of the grand ole opry.

so fellows, this past month has been an oblivion of frantic yet beautiful new experiences.

on the 12th of july  my violin and i took a flight to Nashville, Tennessee, where I attended the 10th anniversary of the Fine Arts Summer Academy.

and there, we performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

(true story.)

I explored the backstage dressing rooms and corridors of legend, and was generally in awe of the glamour of it all. the life of a musician is far from glitzy, but we occasionally get to experience the most exciting things, you know.

so after an exhausting yet rewarding two weeks spent in rehearsals, lessons, and practice sessions, I’ve traveled up to North Carolina with some of my dearest friends for some time off.

yay for time off.




hails, emmers, your truly, and taylee. we rock the hats.




le cute bakery and coffee shop is cute.


dress // target
vest // thrifted
belt // i have no idea
boots // dillards



as a Texan, my love of evergreens and tall trees will forever be in my heart.


(gorgeous girl.)

so that’s what I’ve been up to, and that’s what’s going on. what’s new with you?

(ps- its august tomorrow. we’ve broken out the christmas music.)

yours always,